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Thermal Process Controller Demo

Demonstrating how to use a Thermal Process Controller, which includes a Cooltouch process air heater and a PID temperature controller. This air heating solution has many industrial applications including sterilization, heat shrinking, automotive painting and plastic curing. It can reach 1200°F with airflows up to 10 SCFM and velocity up to 85 ft./sec.


Today I would like to talk to you about our Thermal Process Controller. Tutco-Farnam manufacturers heating solutions and this thermal process controller is one of our units. It is a heater and air source and controller all in one unit. The heater is rated at 1,500 watts and the voltage is a 208/240 volt single-phase so it is a dual voltage heater unit. This unit is capable up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit with the airflow up to 10 CFMs and a velocity of 85 feet per second. Only two parameters may be regulated at any time and those two parameters are the output temperature and CFMs or your output temperature and velocity. I'm going to hit the start button to get the unit turned on and you can see the digital readout. I'm going to go ahead and select the temperature that I'd like to demonstrate so I'm going to go to about 600 degrees Fahrenheit and right here it is telling me the temperature that I'm trying to set. So this is the temperature I've selected and this is the actual temperature that the meter is operating at. Its operating right now at an air flow of 6.5 CFMs and this display will show me the velocity. The unit is up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and so what I like to do is demonstrate the output temperature of the heater by melting a piece of plexiglass. The heater is cool on the outside so I can touch it while the temperature is still reaching the 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit can be used for a variety of applications such as sterilization, heat shrinking, automotive painting, and plastic curing. This is our thermal process controller and thanks for watching.

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