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Tutco-Farnam is a custom heater manufacturer engineering products that improve efficiency, enhance product reliability, and reduce costs for our customers. In 1982 we started this company with one goal in mind. We wanted to offer OEM’s a new level of responsiveness, creativity, and efficiency to air and surface heating systems.

Farnam has always been active in a broad range of industries and heating applications. These diverse markets give us great stability in addition to insights and experience from many fields. We apply this knowledge.

Farnam has always been managed in a financially responsible manner. We operate for the long term and value our relationships with suppliers, associates, and our customers. Farnam is frequently the only source for the items we supply, so reliability and responsiveness have always been our core values.

We’ve changed and grown. But, what hasn’t changed is the reason we began in the first place - to partner with clients and provide them with effective heating element solutions which improve their products. We knew that by sharing our knowledge and experience we could help OEM’s greatly enhance the performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness of their systems.

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All of these facilities are Tutco owned. While many competitors rely on partners and relationships to produce their products, our products are Tutco made by Tutco people at Tutco facilities.

You can start off with a 10 piece prototype order at a Tutco-Farnam facility in the US and ramp up to 10,000 pieces per month all within the same company. You’ll still be working with the same sales rep, the same sales manager, the same design engineers. It’s still all the same UL too.

We have a UL recognized lab in Tennessee. Farnam is frequently a test case for new ISO standards in North America.


View and download our ISO and OHSAS certificates concerning the Design, Development and Manufacture of Electric Heating Elements.

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Conflict Minerals Statement

Tutco/Farnam Custom Products supports ending the violence and human rights violations in the mining of certain minerals from a location described as the “Conflict Region”, which is situated in the eastern portion of the…

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