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The shift to electric energy and decarbonization has industrial manufacturers, who traditionally use large amounts of energy created by fossil fuels, looking to transition to electric heating solutions. Tutco-Farnam designs and manufactures process heaters that are ideal for industrial applications looking to make the jump to electric heat.

As a Planet we are transitioning to a more sustainable, low-carbon future at an accelerated rate. This acceleration is due to both corporate green initiatives and government regulations. 

Leading the way in heat solutions as they transition to electricity

At Tutco, we view Electrification and Decarbonization in three categories: Green Electrification, Efficiency Improvements and Alternative Fuels.  As a manufacturer of electric heat, we are electrification enabling at our core. Everyone at Tutco Solutions Group and Smiths welcomes and embraces the change and looks forward to working with our existing business partners and creating new ones on this journey to sustainability.

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Tutco-Farnam is providing innovative solutions that help companies transition from a fossil fuel energy source to a renewable energy source

  • Decarbonization of businesses
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Environmental test chambers
  • Simulation chambers
  • Pellet Stove Ignitors
  • Label adhesion in a factory
  • Electric fireplaces


Tutco-Farnam is helping industries in redesigning processes, equipment, building and homes to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel energy

  • Business Modernization
  • Dehumidification
  • Molten Metal Transportation
  • Wood Stove Electrical Assists
  • Hot Tub Jet Heaters
  • Chocolate enrobing and panning
  • Factory of the Future Concepts
  • Anti-Idling Equipment




Stepping away from fossil fuel energy to other sources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro and other emerging technologies. 

  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicle battery production
  • Electric Vehicle charging stations
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Custom Engineering Services

Tutco-Farnam has custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities ideally suited to meet exact specifications. We work closely with OEMs to design and produce heaters for new and existing products. This is a rapidly advancing industry and we adapt to meet those demands. From small shops to Fortune 500, our manufacturing and assembly process can dynamically ramp-up to your needed capacity.

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Engineering and Support are offered on a case by case basis. With our extensive heat application experience, chances are we have done something similar to your project. We can even assist you with your process design. While we generally will not design your process for you we are happy to assist.

Consult | Design | Prototype | Production

OEMs can start with a 10 piece prototype order and grow to 10,000 pieces per month all within the same company. You’ll still be working with the same sales rep and the same design engineers. The process starts with a consultation. We communicate with you to identify all the relevant details of the project. Then we render a preliminary drawing of the custom heater and construct the prototype.

Tutco has manufacturing facilities in the USA (three different cities), Mexico and China to support wherever your final assembly may be. All of these facilities are Tutco owned. While many competitors rely on partners and relationships to produce their products, our products are Tutco made by Tutco people at Tutco facilities. We have a UL recognized lab in Tennessee where Farnam is frequently a test case for new ISO standards in North America.

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