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Axial Fan Heaters

This heater mounts directly to square axial fans. It integrates a guard and optional over-temperature protection. Available with or without a blower. They are ideal for a wide range of drying, curing, and warming applications.

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Silicone Rubber Enclosure Heaters image

Silicone Rubber Enclosure Heaters

Silicone rubber enclosure heaters offer rapid heat-up and excellent heat transfer. These durable products are thin, small and a breeze to install.

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Crossflow Blower Heater image

Crossflow Blower Heater

Developed for maximum design flexibility, Crossflow Blower Heaters (CB Series) utilize multi-purpose mounting brackets attaching directly to the exhaust of a crossflow blower.

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Mica Enclosure Heaters image

Mica Enclosure Heaters

A rugged solution for freeze and condensation prevention. Custom designs and components available. Easy to install.

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