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Mica Surface Heaters

Tutco-Farnam mica surface heaters deliver rigid durability in a thin flat design. Mica heaters can reach temperatures as high as 1200º F.  These conductive heaters heat-up and cool-down quickly and distribute heat evenly across a surface. Mica surface heaters are rugged and can be custom manufactured for a variety of applications. 

Mica surface heaters are cost-effective solutions that help improve product performance and reliability. Tutco-Farnam’s engineering and support team can provide you with a competitive advantage by creating a custom surface heater for your unique application.


Engineering and Support is a big part of what we do. Offered on an application by application basis. We can even assist you with your process design. While we generally will not design your process for you we are happy to assist.

Design & spec your flexible heater online in 5 easy steps. Save and revise your configurations and submit them for quoting. Click here to view and configure your heater.

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Mica Surface Heaters Solutions

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Custom Surface Heater for Heat Press

This custom mica surface heater retrofitted into our customer's existing heat press equipment. Durability and long life resulted in significant cost savings.


  • Rapid heat up, cool down
  • Even heat spread
  • Rugged Construction
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Food Steam Cabinet

A custom heater with reduced heat loss, even surface heating and longer life. Designed for intimate surface contact covering over 100% of the area.


  • Reduced Heat Loss
  • Longer Life
  • Even Surface Heating
  • No Hot Spots
  • Reduced Cost
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Display Warming Cabinet

We designed a large single piece mica surface heater with distributed wattage and plenty of extras to achieve even heating and reduced cost for our customers.


  • Single Piece Construction
  • Distributed Wattage
  • 55% Lower Heater Cost
  • Custom Built to the Cabinet
  • Even Display Heating
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Heat Press Transfer Machine

Temperature distribution improved by 50%. Better heating performance with a 40% reduction in cost.


  • Better Performance
  • 50% Temp Distribution Improvement
  • 40% Cost Reduction
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Mica Sealing Bar

This custom mica sealing bar heater offers even heat distribution and replaces an expensive alternative.


  • Evenly Distributed Heat
  • Uniform Across the Bar
  • Cost Savings
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Laboratory Hot Plate

This versatile mica hot plate heater can reach temperatures up to 1100 degrees F and was cut to a very precise shape to work around internal components.


  • Rapid heat up time
  • Custom shape for specific mounting needs
  • Very even heat distribution
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Heater for Glass / Ceramic Surface

Client needed surface temperatures of up to 1100°F and even heat. Our mica surface heater does this very effectively with a long life and the most reasonable cost.


  • Even Surface Temperatures
  • Long Heater Life
  • Reasonable Cost
Your Custom Heating Solution

Your Custom Heating Solution

Tutco Farnam offers the very best in design and enginering of custom heaters and heating components. Our capabilities are ideally suited to meet demanding production schedules, and we are committed to keeping up with the constant changes occuring in manufacturing and product design.

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