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Tire Refill Station Heater


Nicer convenience stores and truck stops have vacuums for cleaning your vehicle and air compressors to fill your tires. Those units require heat to keep the electronics from freezing. Heat can also be used to keep the tip of the tire refill nozzle from freezing while sitting in it’s holder.

Project and Challenges

Traditionally you’d use a strip heater. The downside of those include rising cost (due to their material makeup) and bulk. Open coil air heaters are not a great solution because they suck air in from the outside where there is dust, rain and pollution. 

Solutions and Their Impact

Tutco-Farnam created a silicone rubber heater that is a 20%-25% savings for the client. It mimics the shape of that thin strip heaters being replaced with the exception that it is a lot thinner. As older units get refurbished the customer pulls out the old strip heater and puts in our new custom enclosure heater.

At Tutco-Farnam we go the extra mile to understand the needs of our customers. For this client it allowed us to provide an elegant solution that best suited the application while saving the client money.

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  • Retrofit Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Cost Savings
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