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Pneumatic Enclosure Heater

A target customer of ours was heating a small enclosure with a modified screw-bottom cartridge heater.

Project and Challenges

Our customer was originally using an old screw flange style light bulb to heat their pneumatic delivery systems for moisture prevention and freeze protection. They evolved from that solution to a cartridge heater that had a funky bottom on it that screwed into the light socket. It was very expensive as was the base assembly. The customer was frustrated with the accelerating cost.

Solutions and Their Impact

Tutco-Farnam vulcanized a silicone rubber heater to a piece of angle and matched the mounting holes on the faceplate. The costly sheathed element AND the socket it fits into were eliminated. Using two screws the field tech attaches the silicone rubber enclosure heater, hooks up two wires in a quick connect, and the job is done. Field installation couldn't be simpler.

The result is a super simple field installation with dramatic cost savings. Because of the retrofit, the old heater and base assembly could be removed entirely. The new silicone rubber heater cost less than the base assembly alone, not including the old heater cost. By understanding our customer’s needs we were able to offer a cost and time savings solution.

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  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Easy Field Installation
  • No Bulky Base Plate
  • Elegant Solution
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