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Defrosting Cryogenics Equipment

Kapton® heaters are excellent for cryogenic applications

Application Challenges
Cryogenic temperature ranges are defined as −150 °C (−238 °F) to absolute zero (−273 °C or −460 °F). At these icy temperatures, molecular motion comes to a near stop and preserving samples at the state at which they were frozen.  If equipment fails to maintain cryogenic temperatures, molecular motion (decay) will destroy samples. Cryogenic applications can be challenging because the piping and mechanicals form ice and frost.  When that happens, tubing and piping can split if frozen and becomes very brittle, especially at extremely low temperatures.  Exhaust systems and submerged tubing must be heated to maintain equipment reliability. 

Customized Solutions

The TUTCO Farnam engineering team designs custom Kapton® heaters featuring high efficiency temperature to control and remove frost buildup on system piping and exhaust ports.  High efficiency flexible heaters are used to maintain fluidity and flexibility in demanding environments like cryogenic chambers.  Other custom cryogenic applications are developed for connections, sensors, pumps and drip trays. 


The TUTCO Advantage

TUTCO-Farnam engineers design many freeze-proof products with quick field replacement requirements to avoid long-term equipment outages.The Kapton® heaters are excellent for cryogenic applications because they are super-efficient allowing for quick thermal transfer and temperature ramp rates.  Flexible heater assemblies can be quickly replaced in the field and keep costs lower.   TUTCO Farnam engineers often become an extension of your project team, constantly share ideas, and support future designs.  From prototypes to production, TUTCO Farnam wants to be a valued long-term partner. 


  • Highly customizable
  • 1/2” sq. to 27.5” x 19.625” (700mm x 500mm)
  • 300°F - 390°F (150°C - 200°C)
  • UL certification available
A HIGHER °DEGREE 8.8 2.4 1.5 12.5 16.2 of Support Find Out More

Engineering service and support is a big part of what we do. Offered on an application by application basis. With over 2,000 unique heating element designs, chances are we have done something similar to your project.

Feel free to Contact Us and tell us about your heating needs.
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