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Chocolate Enrobing Heater

A customer that makes chocolate enrobing equipment for the confectionery industry was seeking a better solution for melting chocolate. Foods that are coated with chocolate by enrobers include nuts, ice cream, toffee, biscuits, and cookies. Enrobing equipment replaces the task of hand-dipping these items.

Project and Challenges

Traditionally air is drawn across a light bulb and the chocolatier fluctuates the variables to keep the chocolate flowing with the right consistency. As incandescent bulbs are phasing out in favor of energy-efficient options, our client was exploring alternatives. They wanted a custom air heater that could be installed without completely reconfiguring their machine.

Solutions and Their Impact

Tutco-Farnam replaced the lightbulb within the enrobing machine with a custom air heater that includes the fan and assembly. We also made it retrofittable across the board. Tutco-Farnam created a more consistent solution with finer temperature control. Our retrofit heater is more efficient and easy to install.


  • Easy to install
  • Greater Temperature Consistency
  • Custom Retrofit Design
  • All-in-one Heater, Fan & Assembly
A HIGHER °DEGREE 8.8 2.4 1.5 12.5 16.2 of Support Find Out More

Engineering service and support is a big part of what we do. Offered on an application by application basis. With over 2,000 unique heating element designs, chances are we have done something similar to your project.

Engineering Questions Answered

    Question: What are my heater replacement options for an incandescent light bulb?

    Solution: Since you are blowing warm air, a custom open coil air heater would be a good direction to explore. It can be designed for the specific application to fit unusual shapes and small spaces, provide greater temperature control and efficiency, and could possibly be made retrofittable for easy install and so you don't need to completely redesign your equipment.

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