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Insulation Blanket Demo

Dexter introduces the insulation blankets for the Flow Torch family of heaters. Protect people and product with reduced external temperatures, and save money by reducing waste heat.


Hi I'm Dexter Diepholz. I'm director of engineering here at Tutco Farnam and I'm just going to take a minute to tell you a little bit about our new insulation blanket for the flow torch family. We have an insulation blanket made for each size of the flow torch family. It's a flexible insulation blanket with an outside of silicone fiberglass. The inside has got vextra which is rated to a thousand degrees. This is going to save you money and it's going to improve the safety with lower temperatures on the outside. The outside is puncture resistant. It's oil and water resistant and as far as saving money for more details you can see my white paper (Using Insulation Blankets Makes Cents) on the website. It's just a very nice accessory. All you got to do is take these four d-rings and straps, cinch them up, hook the hog ring and you're all set. Thank you.

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