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Determine Your Air Heater

This is a quick and easy way to choose the most relevant air heater family. This demo shows how the tool auto-sorts air heaters based on criteria you provide. We are dealing primarily with inline process open coil air heaters for industrial applications, OEMs and end user products. This includes duct heaters, heat torch, cool touch, flow torch, axial fan heaters and crossflow blower heaters.


Welcome to our video demonstration of Tutco-Farnam's 'Determine Your Heater' website tool. The first step to using this tool is going to be to navigate to Farnam-Custom.com. You can either type that directly in the URL bar or do a search for 'air heaters'. Find us on the first page and then click. Here we are at the Tutco-Farnam homepage. The purpose of the 'Determine Your Heater' tool is to help someone who knows what they need in a heater but they're really not quite sure how that fits into Tutco-Farnam's product offering. If you hover over Standard Air Heaters and then click on Determined Your Heater you're going to see all Tutco-Farnam's standard products at a glance. You can compare them by max wattage, exhaust temperature and so forth. If none of the standard products fit your needs remember that Tutco-Farnam can engineer a custom solution and that is the majority of what we do. To learn more about each product you can click the image for a brief overview or click the name to visit the full product page. If you know a certain requirement of your heater you can fill that in and immediately the list will be filtered by that requirement. As an example let's say that I know I need a 1000 watt heater. I would fill in that field and see heaters that only have a minimum of 1000 watts or more. You can fill in as many of these fields as you want and the list will be filtered appropriately. You can add CFM, Inlet temperature, PSI, whatever variables you know. By clicking reset you can clear your search and start over with new parameters. You can also click two or more checkboxes next to the product image so you can pair the heaters side by side. At any time you can click show all to reset all the parameters. That's our Determine Your Heater tool. As you can see it is a simple tool that can save you a significant amount of time as you determine your heater. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Thanks for watching.

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