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Control Panel Autotune Demonstration

Patrick demonstrates how to auto tune a 7550 series control panel with a Heat Torch 200 inline air heater installed.


Today we're going to discuss the autotuning feature of the 7550 Series Temperature Process Controller. We have a Heat Torch 200 heater installed right here with a process and high limit thermocouple going into the 7550 Series Thermal Process Controller. We already have airflow established through the heater above the minimum requirements. The first thing we're going to do is turn on the 7550 series controller. Upon turning it on it will instantly go into a hold mode for safety. We're going to start by going into the setup menu. We're going to set our process temperature for 200 degrees Fahrenheit. To initiate the autotune cycle we need to cycle through the menu until we get to the autotuning setting. The autotune is currently off. We are going to turn it on. We are going to exit out of the menu. Upon turning the heat on the autotune cycle will start. The controller is now autotuning. This can take up to 90 minutes. As you can see the autotune cycle has completed and the temperature is now holding at the process set value. Thank you for watching.

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