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Wood Stove Industry Warms Up to Electric Heat

In colder climates, it is very common to see homeowners using woodstoves to heat their entire house. These are very large stoves that are generally located at ground level or in the basement of the home. Like a conventional wood stove, they use a blower to circulate the heated air. In this case, the blower is connected to the homes ductwork to circulate the heated air throughout the house. The challenge with this type of system is getting the desired temperature and getting up to temperature as quickly as possible. TUTCO has worked with several customers to incorporate an ultra-efficient open coil electric heater add-on to their stoves. The electric heater allows the system to provide heat quickly while the woodstove is heating up. An additional benefit of the electric heater is its ability to take the chill off on those days where it is not quite cold enough to start a fire in the stove but the house is a little chilly. Our custom electric heat solution provides heat, similar to conventional heat systems to warm the home quickly.

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