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Electric Heaters Used in Thermal Oxidizers

A thermal oxidizer, also known as a thermal incinerator or thermal oxidiser, serves as a pivotal unit for air pollution control within numerous manufacturing facilities. Its core function involves breaking down hazardous gases at elevated temperatures, subsequently releasing them into the atmosphere.

Thermal oxidizers find widespread use in eliminating hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from industrial air streams. These pollutants are primarily hydrocarbon-based and are chemically oxidized to form CO2 and H2O through thermal combustion. The efficiency of thermal oxidizer design hinges on three key factors: temperature, residence time, and turbulence. The temperature must be sufficiently high to ignite the waste gas. In pursuit of near-complete destruction of hazardous gases, most fundamental oxidizers operate at significantly elevated temperature thresholds. Unfortunately, this often translates to unnecessary energy consumption, leading to unnecessary waste.

At Tutco-Farnam, a noticeable transition is unfolding from direct-fired natural gas to electric heat, driven by the dual objectives of enhancing control and reducing carbon footprints. Our Flow Torch™ Family of Products emerges as the optimal solution for this transformative endeavor.

The Flow Torch™ products are uniquely suited for elevating industrial heating endeavors involving substantial airflows. These process heaters present a suite of distinct advantages that propel them to the forefront of the field. With their low-profile design, Flow Torch heaters minimize airflow obstruction, ensuring minimal pressure drop and making them an optimal choice for systems reliant on low-pressure blowers. Embracing high-volume airflows, these heaters efficiently heat air to temperatures as high as 482°C (900°F). The versatility of these heaters extends to their seamless compatibility with suitable flexible duct or pipe fittings, facilitating easy integration a variety of applications.

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