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The Market for Electric Heat Solutions is Red Hot

Molten metal is an essential component in numerous manufacturing processes, where it is poured into molds to fabricate various products. One significant challenge faced by manufacturers is maintaining the molten metal at the optimal temperature while efficiently transporting it within the production facility. In their pursuit of an effective heat source, many companies have experimented with different solutions, such as natural gas, but with limited success. The TUTCO SureHeat Max heater was the perfect solution.


The Max electric heater boasts remarkable performance characteristics, with the capability to reach temperatures of up to 1400ºF (760ºC). This level of heat was precisely what our customer needed to maintain the molten metal in its liquid form during transportation. Moreover, the TUTCO SureHeat Max was engineered to accommodate the necessary voltage requirements for their specific geographic location, ensuring seamless integration into their production processes. To meet our customer’s unique needs, each compact TUTCO SureHeat Max electric heater was installed into their carts, which resemble the iconic mining carts seen in movies. The strategic placement of these heaters within the carts ensured that the molten metal remained in its optimal state while being moved from one location to another. The ease of integration, combined with the heaters’ efficiency, substantially improved the overall production process for our customer.


Safety is paramount when dealing with molten metal, and the TUTCO SureHeat Max electric heater excels in this aspect. By using electric heat, our customer significantly minimized the risks associated with open flame or other traditional heat sources. This not only safeguarded their personnel but also prevented any potential accidents or mishaps in the production facility. Furthermore, the adoption of the TUTCO SureHeat Max electric heater proved to be an economically viable solution. Its energy efficiency and precise temperature control allowed our customer to reduce energy consumption and operational costs while optimizing their molten metal handling processes. As a result, their entire production cycle operated more smoothly, leading to enhanced productivity and increased profitability.

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