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The Power of Electrification in String Coating Process

TUTCO Farnam was contacted by a regional power supplier to see if we could help one of their customers switch from natural gas to electricity. Operational costs for businesses in the area were spiking depending on the time of day due to natural gas not being prevalent in the region. This effort on the part of the power company was an attempt to keep local businesses in the area by making them more profitable through the use of electricity. 

The company was manufacturing string that they were coating. In order to dry the coating, they were raising the string up to an oven that was 60’ to 70’ feet above the production floor. As the string came through the oven, it would come back down to finish the process. The inside of the oven, which was not required to reach a very high temperature, perhaps 150º to 200ºF, was in appalling condition. 

Using TUTCO Farnam Flow Torches and controls, the company was able to use their own regenerative blowers for an air source and completely electrify the drying process. The new system ran more efficiently and created a cleaner and safer working environment and the company saw a return on its investment in four weeks.

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