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RV Comfort Takes to the Open Road with Electrification

In the recreational vehicle industry, whether it’s a tow-behind, small travel trailer, fifth wheel, or large diesel pusher, manufacturers are all heating their products, and for the most part they are all using propane. Propane has its disadvantages. If you are at a site for an extended period of time you are potentially going to need to move to get your tanks refilled, or take your tanks off the RV and drive them to get them filled. Either can be time consuming and a pain. Propane is not as dry as electric heat and in certain conditions it seems like your camper is never dry. And finally, propane users miss out on the cost savings opportunity presented in your daily flat rate fees for the campsite. As part of that daily rate you get unlimited electricity which is a nice benefit if you are heating your RV with an aftermarket electric heater. Even if you have to pay for your electricity at least its 100% efficient, where the gas furnaces vent nearly 40% of everything you put into it out the flue.

Larry McGaugh from Seattle-based RV Comfort Systems developed an electric solution that allows most compatible RV’s to install an electric after-market heater and easily switch back and forth from electric to propane depending on their needs. Larry did all the leg work to develop a prototype and get it RVIA (RV Institute of America) compliant and UL Approved. TUTCO worked within Larry’s envelope of space to design a heater that met the standards required by the RV industry. Further discussions have allowed us to add additional upgrades value placing specific Systems changing customer’s needs.

Today, Larry sells after-market coil kits to dealers across the country allowing them to retrofit campers with electric heaters. He also sells to premier brands which allow customers to order an electric heat option on their new campers. To find out more about this product go to www.rvcomfortsystems.com.

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Engineering service and support is a big part of what we do. Offered on an application by application basis. With over 2,000 unique heating element designs, chances are we have done something similar to your project.

Feel free to Contact Us and tell us about your heating needs.
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