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Heaters for Energy Storage Applications

Electric heat can play a pivotal role in energy storage applications, offering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability. The growing transition to renewable energy underscores the critical need for advanced energy storage systems, a pivotal component in achieving net-zero carbon emissions and decarbonization. TUTCO Farnam electric heaters emerge as key contributors to this evolving landscape, providing precise and controllable heat for industries embracing thermal energy storage across diverse applications.

Utilizing TUTCO Farnam heating solutions, thermal energy storage (TES), systems leverage heat as a medium for storing and releasing energy, providing a flexible and sustainable alternative to conventional storage technologies. One example is the implementation of molten salt systems, where thermal heat is utilized to melt and store salts during periods of excess energy production. Subsequently, the stored heat can be harnessed to generate electricity during peak demand, offering a reliable and dispatchable energy source. This thermal storage approach contributes to grid stability and renewable energy integration, mitigating the intermittency associated with sources like solar and wind power.

Our heating solutions can also be harnessed in cutting-edge applications such as phase change materials (PCMs), which store and release energy through the process of changing physical states. These materials, transitioning between solid and liquid phases, capitalize on the latent heat involved to store and release energy efficiently. Incorporating thermal heat in energy storage technologies represents a key step toward building resilient and sustainable energy systems, capable of meeting the demands of a carbon neutral energy future.

Sensible Energy Storage Applications

Sensible Energy Storage Applications ImageTUTCO Farnam can provide sustainable heat solutions in Sensible energy storage involving the storage of heat in materials with discernible temperature changes. Our products can be used in applications such as water tanks, rocks and other media that capture and release heat to regulate temperature variations in buildings or industrial processes. As the demand for efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions continues to grow, sensible energy storage using TUTCO Farnam heating products can play a key role in advancing the integration of renewable energy sources and promoting sustainability in heat and power applications.


Latent Energy StorageLatent Energy Storage

Latent energy storage is a technology at the forefront of innovative energy storage solutions. In this method, TUTCO Farnam heating solutions can aid in the storage and retrieval of thermal energy during phase changes, specifically in materials with high latent heat capacities, such as water/ice and salt hydrates. In latent energy storage systems, energy is absorbed or released when these materials transition between solid and liquid states. This allows for the efficient storage of thermal energy at constant temperatures, making it a versatile and reliable option for various applications. TUTCO Farnam’s custom heating solutions are ideal for applications using latent energy storage for sustainable and resilient energy solutions.


Thermochemical Energy Storage

Thermochemical Energy StorageThermochemical energy storage stands at the forefront of innovative sustainable energy solutions. Unlike conventional storage methods, thermochemical systems absorb or release heat during chemical transformations, employing materials with reversible reactions such as metal oxides or salts. This approach extends storage durations, addressing the intermittency of renewable energy sources. TUTCO Farnam can provide heating solutions for a number of thermochemical energy storage applications, including the utilization of industrial furnaces, chemical heat pumps, and enhanced thermal conduction. These applications leverage the technology's unique ability to provide a constant and reliable supply of thermal energy, resulting in energy stability and enhanced energy efficiency. As industries increasingly seek sustainable solutions, thermochemical energy storage applications can achieve electrification using TUTCO Farnam heating solutions.


As a process heat solution provider for energy storage applications, TUTCO Farnam recognizes the expanding role of electrification in our world. With our history of performance and unwavering reliability, TUTCO Farnam heating solutions have become indispensable tools for companies addressing energy storage through a range of emerging technologies.

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