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EV Market Plugs Into TUTCO Heating Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs) and equipment, TUTCO Heating Solutions Group is a pivotal contributor, offering advanced electric heat solutions across a broad range of applications. Our heating products extend beyond conventional EVs to encompass e-bikes, personal vehicles, and diverse work vehicles like fork trucks.

TUTCO's impact begins at the heart of EV manufacturing facilities, where precise humidity control is paramount in the production of electric vehicles and their components. Lithium batteries do not tolerate moisture. We collaborate with companies manufacturing dehumidification equipment, crucial for maintaining optimal humidity levels in these environments. In the production of lithium batteries, dry process gases are also essential, and many companies use nitrogen for this reason. TUTCO's heaters are instrumental in elevating the temperature of nitrogen, contributing to the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process.

Many EV products involve some type of plastic casing that needs to be manufactured. The process of plastic injection molding use TUTCO heaters to achieve optimal results. Plastic manufacturers rely on our cartridge and band heaters, known for their precision and controllability, in the process where plastic pellets are fed through a hopper and into a barrel or chamber where they are melted and directed by a screw-conveyor to the individual molds.

TUTCO's role extends to the charging aspects of EV products, ensuring optimal conditions within charging stations. Lithium-ion batteries require consistent temperatures for efficient charging, and our enclosure heaters play a critical role in maintaining these conditions, especially in colder climates where they are essential for keeping sensitive electronics. Our heaters keep temperatures at the ideal level ensuring the batteries charge properly at reasonable speeds and extends their life.

Controllability of the load delivered to batteries during the charging process is paramount for battery health. TUTCO's resistors, integrated into charging stations, efficiently dissipate the load, contributing to proper charging and prolonged battery life. Additionally, our heaters play a vital role in maintaining the temperature of calibration equipment within these charging stations, ensuring accurate readings and compliance with utility or government standards.

Throughout every phase of the production and utilization of electric vehicles and equipment, TUTCO Heating Solutions Group takes the lead, providing innovative heating solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and longevity in the rapidly advancing world of electric products.

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