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TUTCO Heaters for Environmental Cleanup Applications

In industrial applications dedicated to environmental cleanup, the utilization of thermal heat plays a pivotal role in achieving effective remediation. As industries increasingly embrace electrification and decarbonization, replacing technologies reliant on fossil fuels with electricity-powered alternatives, TUTCO Farnam’s electric heating solutions are playing a vital role in the treatment and removal of environmental contaminants from water, soil, and air.


Using TUTCO Farnam’s sustainable heating solutions, thermal heat technologies are harnessed to facilitate the treatment and removal of environmental contaminants, offering a versatile and efficient approach to address pollution challenges. Our heaters present distinct advantages over gas-fired options, including rapid and precise heating, straightforward in-situ operational capability, reliance on clean energy, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it's the targeted treatment of water pollutants, the remediation of soil contaminated with hazardous substances, or the purification of air from harmful emissions, the application of thermal heat using TUTCO Farnam heating products demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and effective environmental cleanup practices.


Environmental Water Treatment

The integration of TUTCO Farnam electric heaters in environmental water treatment processes represents a cutting-edge approach to addressing water pollution challenges. Electric thermal heat technologies offer a precise and controllable means of elevating water temperatures, a critical factor in accelerating the removal or degradation of contaminants such as Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) from water sources. In applications such as wastewater treatment, the controlled application of electric thermal heat enhances the efficiency of biological and chemical processes, facilitating the breakdown of pollutants. Additionally, in water purification and desalination processes, electric thermal heat aids in optimizing the separation of impurities and salt from water, contributing to the production of cleaner water. The adaptability and reliability of electric thermal heat in applications, including PFAS treatment and remediation and granular activated carbon thermal reactivation, make TUTCO Farnam a valuable partner in advancing sustainable solutions for water treatment, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship and the safeguarding of water resources.


Environmental Air Applications

In Environmental Air Applications, TUTCO Farnam heating products are instrumental, particularly in conjunction with thermal oxidizers, to combat air pollution effectively. Thermal oxidizers are advanced air pollution control devices that utilize high temperatures to initiate the combustion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants. The thermal heat generated within these systems facilitates the oxidation of pollutants, transforming them into less harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide and water vapor. This process is particularly valuable in industrial settings, where emissions of pollutants need stringent control. Thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and flameless electric catalytic oxidizers, powered by thermal heat from TUTCO Farnam, provide an efficient means of reducing air pollutants, contributing to cleaner air and aligning with environmental regulations.


Environmental Ground Applications

In Environmental Ground Applications, TUTCO Farnam heating solutions emerge as a transformative component for addressing soil contamination and environmental challenges. Thermal heat technologies are employed in innovative ways to remediate polluted soil, particularly in processes such as thermal desorption and soil vapor extraction. These methods leverage controlled heating to elevate soil temperatures, promoting the effective removal or degradation of hazardous substances. Our heating products help facilitate the release of contaminants from the soil, allowing for their capture or destruction. By integrating thermal heat into the environmental clean-up of the ground, TUTCO Farnam solutions are helping pave the way for efficient and sustainable approaches to soil remediation through electrification and decarbonization.


As a process heat provider for environmental applications, TUTCO Farnam recognizes the expanding role of electrification in our world. With our history of performance and unwavering reliability, TUTCO Farnam heating solutions have become indispensable tools for environmental companies addressing challenges posed by pollutants in diverse mediums.

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