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Air Curtains

What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain is a fan-powered device that creates an invisible air barrier separating two different environments. Air curtains or air doors create an invisible barrier of air over an exterior, pulls heated air from the ceiling down to floor level, and provides several benefits. Through the separation of environments, air curtains save energy by protecting climatized air, inhibit the entry of dust, dirt, fumes, smoke, and flying insects, reduce the stress on the HVAC system reducing in less spend, and can maintain healthier pathogen free environments. Manufacturers of high-quality air curtains (sometimes knows as air doors, fly fans, and over-door blowers). Crossflow Blower Heaters are used in heated air curtains to provide comfort in colder climates by blowing a warm stream of air over people as they cross through the air screen.

Key Benefits of Air Curtains:

  • Doesn’t eliminate access of people, vehicles, carts or conveyors
  • Lowers annual heating costs and achieves energy savings up to 80%
  • Maintains internal climate increasing comfort
  • Keeps the environment clean from pest, dust, airborne pollution, odors, and pathogen

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How Do Air Curtains Work?

Air curtains deliver consistent flow of air across the width of an opening.  That flow of air results in a barrier between two distinct environments. Ineffective plastic strips are commonly used due to their initial cost. However, air curtains are more energy-efficient, sanitary, and highly effective in retaining cooler and freezer temperatures.  Air curtains also eliminate the need to constantly replace shredding, ripped and dirty plastic strips making them more attractive and cost effective long-term.  Applications range from retail to restaurant, industrial spaces, warehouses, large entertainment venues, cooler and freezer walk-in storage, drive-thru windows, transportation terminals, healthcare and hospital settings, cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing and a variety of specialty applications where water, condensation, harsh climatic conditions or unique circumstances benefit from an unobstructed stream of air.

TUTCO Farnam makes a variety of customer heaters for OEM air curtains products.  

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