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Hot Tub Manufacturers Can Relax with Electric Heat

As hot tubs have continued to grow in popularity, the spa manufacturing industry has looked to TUTCO for electric heating solutions to meet one of their challenges. As air is brought into the hot tub to be pumped through the jets and create bubbles, it brings down the hot tub’s temperature slightly.  This results in the tub taking longer to warm up and limits the temperature that can be achieved. Initially, the spa manufacturers experimented with using propane heaters to heat the air coming in but this approach had its own set of issues. To begin with they just generated too much heat but even more significantly, they didn't want to require buyers to need to run a gas line and incur the additional expense of purchasing the propane.

TUTCO developed a small, cost-effective open-coil heater that fit perfectly into the existing system and provided just enough heat to bring the temperature of pumped in air to the precise temperature required to not negatively impact the tubs temperature.  An added benefit was it caused the other heaters in the system to cycle less thus extending their life.  TUTCO was able to provide an ideal solution that meet all of their design requirements with a custom electric heater.

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Engineering service and support is a big part of what we do. Offered on an application by application basis. With over 2,000 unique heating element designs, chances are we have done something similar to your project.

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