TPC 1500

The Thermal Process Controller 1500, formerly know as the DigiTherm, is a 1.5kW Cool Touch™ heater + state-of-the-art digital controller + flow switch + solid-state relay packaged in a convenient wall-mountable steel enclosure. This very unique product takes the guesswork out of process heating applications which require a moderate amount of wattage and have 120V or 240V power available. The heater is capable of airflows up to 25 SCFM and up to 120 PSIG. Maximum output temperature is 260°C (500°F) depending upon airflow.

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  • Maximum Wattage1.5kW
  • Power120V/240V, single phase
  • Output Temperature Range65°F - 500°F
  • Flow Rate4.5 - 25.0 SCFM
  • Enclosure Dimensions17.62"L x 10.38"W x 5.50"H
  • Enclosure MaterialPainted Steel
  • Heater MaterialStainless Steel
  • Weight40 lbs

The TPC 1500 supports a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automotive Painting
  • Adhesive Activation
  • Air Drying
  • Solder Removal
  • Heat Staking
  • Sterilization
  • Web Drying
  • Ink Drying
  • Plastic Curing
  • Metallization
  • Heat Shrinking
  • Hopper Drying