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Process Air Heaters

Over time, we found that some solutions were easily adaptable to a variety of heating applications. This resulted in our line of pre-designed process air heating solutions. Please note, even pre-designed solutions are customizable and made to order, so they may not be available for next-day delivery. Common applications include hot air tools, drying, curing, thermostaking, and various inline industrial process heater applications.

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Heat Torches

Farnam Heat Torch™ inline air heaters are ideal for rapidly heating air. Industrial strength open coil heaters provide efficient heat transfer through direct heating element contact with the airflow.
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Cool Touch™ Heat Torches

Our highly efficient Cool Touch™ option minimizes the skin temperature of the heater and helps protect people and product from hot surfaces. Efficient design reduces heat loss.
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Flow Torches

Flow Torch™ heaters are highly efficient and ideal for heating large airflows. Farnam is developing several graduated sizes of this basic platform. This family of heaters is offered as a standard product with several options.
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Duct Heaters

Our rugged, efficient, open coil Duct Heaters offer you the capability to heat large volumes of air with fast warm-ups and cool-downs.
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