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Tutco Plant Expansion


Buncombe County plant is expanding adding jobs and space for future products as news 13s Cheryl Barber tells us the project will nearly double the size of the plant. We've been experiencing some nice growth the last couple of years. Nice growth that is leading to a two and a half million dollar building with 90 new jobs. Someone's going to be doing manual assembly which is a lot of what we do but will be probably adding from engineering and more technical type jobs. Operations manager Mike Armstrong says orders for these coiled wire units are heating up among hand dryer and industrial heating markets driving the need for a plant expansion. It's been kind of a weak economic recovery. We've been growing fairly nicely during that and we hope to continue and that's one reason we're doing the additions to structure ourselves that we're ready for growth. The plant was founded by a local engineer 31 years ago and seventy percent of these hand-built heaters are used by American manufacturers. The rest are shipped around the world. Take some coils and we wrap it around we put fuses and thermostats on. Assembly worker Julie Borges says orders keep coming in and the company keeps growing. That's a sign the economy is picking up and giving the plants 50 workers peace of mind about the future. It's wonderful we're expanding job security. Lots of opportunities for more people to be employed in the area. The work on the expansion at the Tutco-Farnam plant should be completed in January.

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