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Tutco Farnam Presentation

Tutco-Farnam's National Sales Manager, AJ Nidek, talks about the Tutco family of companies, historic accomplishments and innovations, our global presence and Tutco's ability to ramp up from a Farnam prototype to 10k pieces per month in the US, China and Mexico. 


To give you a broader picture of who we are as Tutco our parent company is Smith's out of the UK. There's five different divisions: detection, medical, interconnect, Flex Tek, John Crane. We are located underneath the Flex Tek Group. Tutco was found in 1938 originally established in Michigan and then move south. You can see we have a growth via acquisitions and also new products to get to where we are today in 2013. Manufacturing locations. We as Tutco have manufacturing locations in North Carolina, Tennessee, Mexico and China. What really separates us from everybody else is that everybody at these locations, these are Tutco facilities, these are Tutco employees and all of our paychecks say Tutco. You get a project going at our facility in beautiful Arden, North Carolina, we can go from ten to ten thousand pieces right there. Let's say you start manufacturing this in China, we can transition to China, to Mexico, wherever. It'll be the same people, same UL and same software. We make it easy for you. We want to grow with you. Variety of ISO certifications. We have one of the few UL recognized labs in our industry. A little overview on Tutco China. We were established in 2008. Currently it says 112 though I believe around 150 employees. We work very tightly as a group having products made in China and in the States. These are some of the customers we are manufacturing for. The example I probably talk about the most is if you have a clothes dryer in your home and it's electric chances are that is our element in there. If you look down to a lower right hand corner we see that patient warming system. As Farnam, we are the dominant industry provider of heaters for patient warming systems. Specialty market. This is the group that Farnam falls into. Polyimide Film Heaters. Kaptain Heaters. Those are somewhat new to us in the states. We have been making them for about a year. We have been making them for a couple of years in China. We are playing with ceramic foam right now. You can imagine kind of a hard sponge that allows for better heat distribution out of the business end of the heater. The HT400 was in response to our customer's request for a higher wattage compressed air heater that can go up to 18 kilowatts. A flexible silicone rubber heater, applications are everything from medical devices to enclose heaters to foodservice. China market. You're seeing some overlap here and overlaps a good thing. That allows us to grow with you and also you know heaven forbid if we had a catastrophe at one facility we do have our own redundancies internally for your backup. We are making the polyimide film heaters, fin tubular heaters, configurable VAV heaters and silicone rubber heaters in addition to hvac and clothes dryer elements to support the Asian European market. HVAC commercial. We are the dominant player in there. Flippable VAV heaters are very unique to the industry and a huge big deal for the contractors have to worry about a left or a right hand insert. This can handle both of them. Finned Tubular Duck Heaters we are manufacturing those currently for a little more hazardous environment. We are now starting to branch out into Unit Heaters. Something you might see in a garage bay. Explosion-proof. My line with Tutco used to be we made everything except explosion-proof heaters. Well, I'll have to come up with a new phrase soon because we're developing those also. Heating dryer elements is what we are known for but some of the more unique things... The mixing bowl heaters allowing you to mix and perhaps temper chocolate for some type of baking right there is one. Clothing conditioning heaters. If you're traveling perhaps you want to get one more day out of that jacket. You put in this little closet it cleans it for you. Another way to heat water for the dishwasher heater using PTC elements. As Tutco we are the world's large consumer of nichrome resistance wire. Well in order to keep those costs eventighter we tried to remove some of the higher cost materials from it so we partnered with Sanvic to develop a NF2T, our own alloy for resistance wire. Tutco and how we're diversified. From our top customers in 2010 to who we are now. We're a much more diverse much stronger company than we were in 2010. We were strong, were stronger now and only go into better places. Product-wise we're much more diverse both from acquisition and from internal development. We're really working hard to develop a stronger and more robust R&D department to bring out the product consumers are looking for.

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