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How to Wire a HeatTorch to a 7550 Series Controller

Patrick demonstrates how to wire a HeatTorch 200 inline air heater to a 7550 Series Temperature Controller.


We're making another video on how to install the Heat Torch 200 to a 7550 Series Control Panel. From our 7550 Series Control Panel we have the supply wiring from the controller to the heater. We're going to install that in a terminal block which will allow us to directly hook our heater up to the opposite side. Now we take the wiring from the heater. We will be installing this into the oppostite side of the terminal block. First we attach the ground. This ground comes from the heater directly to the control box and back to earth ground through the disconnect. Now the heater is electrically wired. Next we have our thermocouple connectors. These have been connected into the 7550 series controller. We have our high limit thermocouple and our process control. Now we'll hook up our air line. We are off to go. We will check all of our ground wires before applying power. This has just been another video to show you how simple it is to wire up a Tutco Farnam Custom Products Heat Torch.

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