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Control Cube Auto Tune Demonstration

Patrick demonstrates how to auto tune the Control Cube A10 which is installed with a Heat Torch 075 inline air heater


We're going to demonstrate the autotune feature of the Control Cube A10. We already have this controller and heat system wired up. The first thing we're going to do is turn on the controller. We have a set point of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. We're going to go ahead and enter the menu. Toggle down to the autotune feature. We're going to turn that on. This flashing light indicates that the system is autotuning. It can take up to 90 minutes for the system to autotune although that is typically very rare. It should only take a few minutes. As the light has gone out, the autotune has been completed and the system will work its way back up to the set point and latch on. Now that the controller has reached it's set point temperature the controller will maintain this temperature even though there may be small variations is air flow and/or input temperature.

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