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Flexible Heaters

We offer precision-grade flexible heaters constructed of both polyimide (Kapton) and silicone rubber. With our extensive design and application engineering support, Tutco-Farnam offers highly-customized heaters that are engineered specifically to meet your physical, thermal, and environmental requirements.

Characteristics Typical Polyimide Parameters Typical Silicone Rubber Parameters
 Size Range < 1/2" sq. to 16" x 6+ ft     < 1/2" sq. to 30" x 58"
 Temperature  Range 300F - 390F (150C - 200C)     Up to 455F(235C)
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Polyimide Heaters

Thin, highly precise heaters with excellent dielectric strength. Rapid heat up followed by constant temperature and excellent heat transfer. Ideal anywhere there are space or weight restrictions. Custom shapes available.

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Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber heaters are durable industrial products with amazing properties. They are flexible, resistant to many chemicals, heat up quickly and are able to maintain precise temperatures.

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