Temperature Control Cube

  • The Control Cube™ series of control panels are specifically designed for the purpose of controlling highly efficient Farnam air heaters. The combination of the Control Cube™ and our heater with a sensor provides you a ready-to-go and complete thermal system.
  • The controls are preset for accurately controlling our inline air heaters.
  • We provide a one page Quick Start guide that will aid you in getting your system fully operational a few minutes after completing the wiring.
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  • Model NumberCC-A15
  • Line Voltage120/208/240
  • Amps15A
  • Phase1PH
  • Watts1.8/3.12/3.6

Features & Benefits

This economically priced control panel provides complete heater power and process control system with the following benefits.

  • Compact Size - The Control Cube™ can be mounted internally or externally of machine control cabinets.
  • Multi-voltage Operation - The control circuit automatically adjusts to the heater power voltage without adjusting internal jumpers or switches.
  • Precise Control - The digital PID controller, driving a solid state relay, provides quick and accurate control.
  • Safe Operation - The safety circuit provides positive heater power interruption with a safety contactor.
  • Alarm Indication - A bright red LED lamp illuminates if the alarm circuit is activated.
  • Over Current Protection - The on/off switch is a circuit breaker that will trip if the control panel amperage rating is exceeded.
  • Field Selectable Temperature Sensor - The temperature controller can be programmed for a variety of thermocouples or an RTD for temperature sensor input.
  • Remote Interlock - The terminal strip has connections in the safety circuit for additional safety switches like flow switches or emergency stops.
  • Options - A pulsing audible alarm and flashing pilot light is available.

Build Your Own Build Your Own

The builder below will allow you to select options for a Temperature Control Cube.


Series Designation

  • CC-A10
  • CC-A15


  • 1.2 / 2.08 / 2.4
  • 1.8 / 3.12 / 3.6


  • 120/208/240


  • single


  • 10
  • 15


  • 60

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