Enclosure Heaters

The Enclosure Heater is designed for freeze prevention and condensation protection. It offers the end user a rugged and reliable solution while being easy to install. The heating element is sandwiched in mica and then pressed between metal to ensure it is electrically safe.

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Product Features:

  • Custom designs and components available
  • No exposed connections
  • Integrated thermostat for consistent enclosure temperatures
  • 22" Teflon leads
  • Optional bracket increases natural convection and offers a variety of mounting options
  • Optional pressure sensitive adhesive reduces installation time
  • 120, 240V standard. Custom voltages available.
  • Easy installation, safe operation

Applications include:

  • Electronic Enclosure Protection
  • Traffic Signal Boxes
  • ATM Machines
  • Control Valve Housings
  • Pump Houses
  • DO NOT handle heater while it is operational
  • DO NOT use in the presence, or possible presence, of combustible or flammable materials
  • DO NOT bybass thermostat. Doing so will decrease unit life and pose a possible electrical hazard.
  • DO NOT exceed rated heater voltage
  • ALWAYS disconnect the heater from power source, and allow to cool, before removing from enclosure unit.
  • In order to comply with UL508A the heater needs to be mounted 2 inches or more from polymeric insulating materials of components and wiring, other than the internal wiring connected to the heater.