We custom design and manufacture heaters and heating elements for a wide variety of chemistry and life science lab applications, including hot plates, incubation, sterilization, and much more. Our capabilities are well suited to meet the demand for high quality, reliable, and precise heating equipment in the laboratory.

Gas Stream Heating

We manufacture custom heaters for heating air, nitrogen, and inert gasses.

  • Hot and Warm Air Circulation
  • Liquid Nitrogen Temperature Control
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Specialty Instruments

Laboratory Instruments

Our heaters have proven themselves in chemistry and life science laboratories.

  • Sample Preparation
  • Sterilization
  • Incubation
  • Hot Plates
  • Bath Heaters
  • Specialty Instruments

Laboratory Solutions

Custom Heating Element for Scientific Instrument

0.187" diameter heater for a zero clearance probe. Provides precision heating of gas stream.


  • Very Small Diameter
  • Shielded Wiring
  • Superior Performance at Lower Cost to Customer
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Custom Surface Heater for Heat Press

This custom mica surface heater retrofitted into our customer's existing heat press equipment. It's durability and long life resulted in a significant cost savings.


  • Rapid heat up, cool down
  • Even heat spread
  • Rugged Construction
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Custom Duct Heaters

Customer had used finned tubular elements, and wanted to explore other options for their new generation equipment. Customer needed a heating solution to be implemented within existing space. Minimizing pressure drop was a high priority. Must be rugged and reliable.


  • Low Mass & Low Pressure Drop
  • Efficient Open Coil Design
  • Long Lasting, Rugged, Reliable
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Laboratory Hot Plate

This versatile mica hot plate heater can reach temperatures up to 1100 degrees F and was cut to a very precise shape to work around internal components.


  • Rapid heat up time
  • Custom shape for specific mounting needs
  • Very even heat distribution

Axial Fan Heaters

This heater mounts directly to square axial fans. It integrates a guard and optional over-temperature protection. Available with or without a blower. They are ideal for a wide range of drying, curing, and warming applications.
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Crossflow Blower Heater

Developed for maximum design flexibility, Crossflow Blower Heaters (CB Series) utilize multi-purpose mounting brackets attaching directly to the exhaust of a crossflow blower without the need for additional accessories.
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Cool Touch 050

​Efficient high pressure air heater featuring minimal skin temperature to protect people and equipment. Max. airflow of 7.5 SCFM, and up to 1300 °F output temperature.
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Your Custom Heating Solution

Your Custom Heating Solution

Tutco Farnam offers the very best in design and enginering of custom heaters and heating components. Our capabilities are ideally suited to meet demanding production schedules, and we are committed to keeping up with the constant changes occuring in manufacturing and product design.

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