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Tutco-Farnam Custom Products is an industry leading custom electric heater manufacturer. Choose from a variety of customizable standard heating products, or inquire about our custom engineering services. Tutco-Farnam has a proven record of improving heater efficiency, enhancing product reliability, and reducing costs for our customers. Allow us to do the same for you.

Industry Spotlight

Medical Device

In an industry where lives are on the line, we understand the importance of creating exceptionally reliable products that perform consistently use after use. We are highly capable of creating solutions that stand up to the rigorous standards of the medical industry.

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Flow Torch Product Demo

Demonstration of our Flow Torch family of high volume air heaters. 

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Engineering Talk

Using Insulation Blankets Makes Cents

by Dexter Diepholz

Dexter Diepholz introduces optional insulation blankets for the Flow Torch family of heaters. Improve safety and reduce operation costs from these easy to install accessories.

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We have the tools you need to build the right system for every project.

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Flow Torchâ„¢ 800

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